Hb Live Academy

Online Learning for Passionate Craft Hairdressers and Colorists

A Revolution in Learning

Welcome to Hb Live Academy, a NEW online learning experience designed, with your help, to revolutionize #crafthairdressing education.

At Hairbrained, we know that time and money keep too many from attending hands-on workshops. To break through this barrier, we’ve partnered with an amazing team that has revolutionized online learning in photography – and with their help, the revolution is coming to hairdressing.

Live Classroom Experience... Online

Hb Live Academy offers an immersive academy-like experience taught by leading educators in actual hands-on workshops. Each course offers a multi-camera view of techniques, key concepts and big ideas – plus edited student coaching sessions on how to avoid common mistakes, or deal with them once they happen.

Courses include easy to follow step-by-step instructions, detailed head sheet diagrams, and downloadable PDFs of course materials.

Follow along at your own pace with a mannequin… or put your feet up and let us do the work while you learn.

Always Better Together

Hairbrained was founded to connect and inspire our larger professional community; to engage and empower craft hairdressers, colorists, and barbers.

To help us create the best possible Hb LIVE Academy experience, participants have access to an exclusive, private Facebook Group allowing the community to provide feedback to help us make each new episode better than the last.


To find out how you can be a part of the revolution, click on a current or upcoming course: