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“Wow! First time for me that an online class felt like a real class!”
Scot C
“So cool! At first I was skeptical, but what great instruction! I learn the best stuff from HB Live Academy. I know the word is overused to death, but...AMAZING!”
Linda T
“I have so appreciated this form of education! I’ve been in the industry for 30+ years and this HB Live Academy is brilliant. In the past I would invest and attend a class and then it was over. With HB Live whatever I invest in I have the ability to archive and watch it again and again... rewind! So happy with the classes. Thank you Gerard and the Hair Brained Team.”
Kenya H
“Great job HB Team. I enjoyed the experience of being in a small class setting. The close up camera work made me feel like I was actually there, hovering over Gerard’s shoulder. Most of all, I like that I can re-watch these classes any time I want! I have attended many hands on sessions and after a couple of days I forget some of the technical stuff. So glad I can NOW re-watch these classes that are chock full of information. Thank you Gerard and the participants.”
Michael N
“It is always inspiring to watch Gerard teach! He is humble, respectful to his students and very patient. HB Live is incredible...I feel like I’m physically there in the class. These are the best tutorials I’ve watched.”
Steven M
“I am through watching the first 2 haircuts and am astounded by the quality of this course. The camera angles and closeups are spot on! Great advice sprinkled throughout about the hand angle, scissor angles and razor cutting tips! Can’t wait for more education from this team. It beats the pants off any other online education I have ever taken! Can’t wait for the razor cutting classes!”
Chris R

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Once a subscriber, you get instant access to our entire course catalog and you can watch and rewatch as often as you want, while your account is active.

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Problems? We've got solutions.

HB Live was created to solve the common challenges that hairdressers face in the salon every day.

Do any of these sound familiar?

When blonding curly textures are you getting damage and frizz?

Forever Curls: Multi-Dimensional Blonding Techniques will show you how to avoid this common problem.

Do you struggle with Foliage on your darker bases?

Vertical Teardrop is a versatile client fave that covers multiple foil techniques.

Are your reds drab and short lived?

Learn how to make reds vibrant and more impactful, and how to ensure they have longevity with Premium Reds: Drop Dead Reds.

Are you looking for in depth and clear instruction on key blonding techniques?

Lupe Voss covers all the bases in Dimensional Blonding.

Do you struggle with choosing the right hand and body positions for precision cutting?

Precision Cutting: Bobs focuses on helping you understand the most effective choices to get the shapes you want with balance.

Do your short women shapes lack flair and femininity?

All About Pixies will you help craft head hugging and textured shapes that turn heads.

Are you inexperienced or scared of razor cutting?

Razorcraft will teach you the fundamentals of this versatile and salon friendly tool.