All About Pixies

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All About Pixies

All About Pixies: From Classic to Edgy 

Use this course to build confidence and develop your style to deliver classic or edgy pixie haircuts using Marina’s (@marinalantoshair) detailed approach to short feminine shapes. Both lessons can be adapted to different textures or personalized for the client that sits in your chair. 

Course Overview:

● Hand and body positioning techniques 
● Detailing and customization methods
● Scissor and guarded razor techniques 
● The difference between classic and edgy pixie hair cut results 

Lesson 1The Classic Pixie

● Learn to achieve a head hugging shape 
● How to determine the appropriate length for hair texture
● How adaptations to hand and body position can produce alternative results 
● How to detail and customize your classic pixie cut 

Lesson 2: The Edgy Pixie

● How and when to combine scissor and guarded razor work 
● How to use disconnection techniques to enhance styling versatility
● Dry cutting customization tips
● Learn the details that will set your pixie apart and give it an edgy feel


Follow along like a classic ‘look and learn’ or, better yet, with your own mannequin as a hands-on workshop.


Marina Lantos

4 Reviews for All About Pixies

“Literally learning new things every second in this course, absolutely amazing classes! Very well explanatory details from body movement to tools placement 👍🏻❤️”


“I’ve been following Marina on Instagram for awhile. She really is amazing to watch. But having a class where we could hear her break down the why and how’s was quite a treat. She dose everything with thought and is good at passing that on with the way she teaches. Totally worth the purchase. I will watch it over and over again.”


“Great break down and approach to these haircuts. I like the way Gerard posed questions during the process. Excellent content. I would love to see a little more of the finish work in detailing and styling in future releases.”

— REN S.

“She does beautiful work. Love her”