Commercial to Creative Cutting

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Commercial to Creative Cutting Includes:

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Commercial to Creative Cutting

Commercial to Creative Cutting

@chelseavonnejames designed this course to address the full range of your clientele. You will learn how to cut with conscious angles for conscious results. These impactful layering techniques are applicable to ANY look and can be applied to any haircut you want to create. The results embrace the unique beauty of each person who sits in your chair.

Course Overview

  • Learn to micro-bevel to create texture
  • Lived-in styling techniques
  • Cut to emphasize or deemphasize features
  • Layering techniques to achieve any classic or wild look 

Lesson 1: The Commercial Cut 

  • Create “hidden” layers with the seamless layering technique
  • The difference between wet and dry cutting
  • Learn how to no-heat style hair
  • How to S-wave with a blowdryer only

Lesson 2: The Creative Cut

  • Create an “Insta-Moment” haircut
  • Learn the Shullet, Bullet and Bowl Haircuts
  • How to cut disconnection and tailor bold transitions
  • Versatile styling techniques

Conservative to Creative is designed so you can follow along at home or in the salon with your own mannequin as a hands-on workshop. Both lessons can be adapted to different textures or personalized for client that sits in your chair.







Chelsea James

Chelsea James


Chelsea James has a passion for hair, multimedia, trend and human connection. Her goal is to connect with hairdressers through the creative process, tailoring each experience to the specific learning needs for each individual stylist, and salon culture.

She is a master cutting specialist, and session stylist. She taught around the world and as a top artist at the L’Oréal Pro Flagship Academy in NYC. She’s a stylist backstage at New York Fashion Week and has styled for music videos. Her work is published in Allure, Unique Art, Estetica, L’Oréal Pro Pure Trend Magazine, 5280 and 303 Magazine, Modern Salon, American Salon, Milady Pro, Professional Beauty Association, and Hairbrained.


Chelsea works withKuene as a Creative Ambassador because they believe in an all-encompassing idea of beauty and support all hairdressers in every aspect of their passion, purpose and craft.

6 Reviews for Commercial to Creative Cutting

“Hot Hot Hot!!! Such a great purchase!!! Get up in this class!!!!”


“OMG, Chelsea you are the cutest girl ever, and your style is super funky and so modern. Your approach is really easy to understand and it shows that you don't have to have a million sections and partings to do a super cool haircut.”


“i love this! cant wait to cut these hidden layers”


“Hands down, one of the most fun experiences ever. Really exciting to watch and perform. Chelsea not only gives us the tools to add our own creative spin on a look, but she also reminds us of very simple hair craft rules to apply. #mulletnation”


“I absolutely LOVE texture tips and tricks. Thank you for the easy to follow lessons AND for the great tips on how to spice up the “bread and butter” cuts!”


“I love Chelsea's teaching style. This course she really provides maximum efficiency in even the "simplest" haircut which is really refreshing. I also appreciate that she hits on ergonomics and explains the WHY behind every techniuqe!”

— AMY W.