Forever Curls: Multi-Dimensional Blonding Techniques

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Discover long-lasting multi-dimensional blonding techniques from naturally curly hair expert Leysa Carrillo (@leysahairandmakeup).

You’ll learn how to create balayage results with a full-head foil application, how to apply lightener and high lift color in the same foil, how to lighten curly hair without any damage, how to foil retouch and create stunning face frame highlights, and much more!

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Forever Curls: Multi-Dimensional Blonding Techniques Includes:

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Forever Curls: Multi-Dimensional Blonding Techniques

Discover long-lasting multi-dimensional blonding techniques from naturally curly hair expert Leysa Carrillo (@leysahairandmakeup).

Learn how to safely lighten curls beginning with a thorough consultation. Discover how the lightener you choose makes a huge difference, and why curly hair should be treated differently because it’s more fragile and drier compared to straight hair.

From the client consultation to after care, Leysa shares her in-depth step-by-step process for creating stunning blonding results that you can replicate time-after-time!

Lesson 1: Multi-Dimensional Blonding Techniques


  • Balayage result with a full-head foil application
  • Learn to apply lightener and high lift color in the same foil
  • How to lighten curly hair without any damage
  • No-tangle backcombing method for teasylights
  • Learn the V and W diffusion application technique
  • In-depth formulation and saturation/application techniques to create multi dimensional blondes with long lasting results
  • Set up proper guest expectations and stay in control of the consultation
  • Understanding and managing different curl types
  • Timing required and how to price your expertise and services
  • Selecting the proper product(s) during the service

Lesson 2: BONUS CONTENT – Foil Retouch, Master the Money Piece


  • How to foil retouch and create stunning face frame highlights
  • Learn the zigzag sectioning technique you need to know
  • Master the money piece for a hairline that pops
  • How to elongate a full head foil service
  • Learn the Forever Curl method on wavy and straight hair textures
  • How to treat the hair throughout and after the service for healthy, long-lasting results

Forever Curls is designed so you can follow along at home or in the salon with your own mannequin as a hands-on workshop. Both lessons can be adapted to different textures or personalized for client that sits in your chair.


Leysa Carrillo

Originally from Cuba, Leysa Carrillo is a vibrant hair colorist and Curly hair expert based in Las Vegas, Nevada with over eleven years of experience. She is a nationally recognized industry leader for her hair color transformations on textured hair and continues to pave the way with her artistic flair and creative techniques. As a Cosmoprof education team member, and the Forever Curls education, Leysa is passionate about taking education to the next level in areas such as hair care, trending styles, and the curl movement. When she's not at her salon working with clients, she appears as a respected educator and panelist around the country at some of the most influential beauty industry events and shows.

With viral content featured on popular publications such as the INSIDER, Leysa has curated a strong social media presence and strives to use her platform to fuse creativity with technique and inspire others through engaging education. Leysa’s contagious smile and energetic personality has carried her through a successful career with global recognition. She was nominated for the American Influence Award and has been named Modern Salon’s 2017 Top 100. In 2017, she was also recognized by L’Oreal Professional as one of the top 12 most influential stylists on Social Media. She also contributed to the L’Oreal Professional Global Development of the “Colorful Hair” Campaign. Pravana PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener campaign, Paul Mitchell Naturals other companies like Joico and Scruples campaigns. Additionally, Leysa is the first female to win two Behind The Chair #OneShot awards in one night.

Her creative projects inspired by Lacroix and Halo Top Ice Cream led to the publication and features in Allure Magazine, inTouch National, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, Seventeen Magazine, Naylon Magazine, Delish, and Pop Sugar.

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20 Reviews for Forever Curls: Multi-Dimensional Blonding Techniques

“What High Lift color tone was used in this technique? N,A,C etc... love learning this technique can’t wait to try it.”


“Love the class!”


“islam,i am a natural hair stylist i love this video,i love leysa transparency n honesty. thank you leysa love 💗”


“Great video! I learned so much and can’t wait to see more from Leysa.”


“Really enjoyed the sessions very informative and shows you how to change it up.”


“Wow. This was so full of information. Definitely worth the money for all the extras it contained.”


“Great video in every aspect. I'm excited to try both techniques.”


“Love that she did explain all the whys, through and detailed explanation!”


“Great class! Thank you”


“Truly amazing. Sooooo much knowledge. I can't recommend it enough!”


“Love it! Full of information, thank you!”


“Amazing technique! I loved this class and can’t wait to take another one.”


“I have actually practiced this technique on my cousin and it turned out great! Most importantly she loved it! Cant wait to do the touch up. Great class! Felicitaciones!”


“Thank you Leysa! This video and technique is so useful!! I love the High Lift and Lightener combination for longevity!”


“Leysa is amazing! She shares all the tricks and why she does them!”


“I love, love, love this course! Thank you Leysa!”


“Love this!!! Can’t wait to try it!! Very detailed ❤️”


“Lovely! Curly hair is my favourite type of hair and anything that add more knowledge to my love for curly hair is valuable Lesson for me. Loved the technique, And how she explained Especially because the lessons come from a textured hair artist makes it more real and valuable. As always camera angles And lightings were great. Thank You!”


“Awesome class. Thank you.”

— REN S.

“I enjoyed the techniques on curly hair , there was a aha moment when checking for the life of the curl, pointed out important details that I have ignored, thank you Leysa”