Premium Reds

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Premium Reds Includes:

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Premium Reds

Drop Dead Reds: Take on the salons most challenging client.


In this online course, Colin Caruso (@colincaruso) will share two red hair coloring techniques combined with invaluable theory. You’ll develop your eye for predictable results, long-lasting tone, and formulate the perfect red every time!

Course Overview:

  • Red hair color theory
  • How to personalize tone and vibrancy
  • Never over-lift again
  • Master your redheadconsultation to build trust with any guest

Lesson 1: Natural Reds

  • The focus is on formulation and creating the perfect natural reds.
  • Make the distinction between tone and level and how it dramatically affectsyour result
  • Learn how head shape and texture guidesyour approach
  • Learn Colin’s three-tonetechnique to create a natural end result

Lesson 2: Vibrant Reds

  • Learn how to formulate intense red tones
  • Achievevibrant, consistentreds
  • Use warm and cool red tones together
  • How to choose the best developer for long-lastingred results
  • Learn how over-lifting can be your worst mistake


Follow along like a classic ‘look and learn’ or, better yet, with your own mannequin as a hands-on workshop.




Colin Caruso

Colin Caruso started coloring hair as a way to express himself at just 12 years old. He recognized early on that walking around with different color hair attracted others who were like-minded, and the teen skateboarder coloring his friends’ hair at home in the basement turned his hobby into a career. Colin has traveled the world as an international platform artist and educator, built up his own business at Salon CARU, and been part of the Paul Mitchell family for over 10 years, currently in the role of Color Director.

2 Reviews for Premium Reds

“Absolutely love this technique. It was explained clearly and in depth in such a way I wasn't falling asleep. The formulations made perfect sense. Thank you!”


“I do a lot of red haired clients ( and you guessed it I’m one too!) I loved this technique but was a bit confused on the sectioning. I had to watch it several times to see where the divisions were and I think when I actually do it on my mannequin it will all fall into place.question on the lightest formula, was that equal parts of each of those 3 colors, just curious. Thank you !”