Seamless Blonding

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Learn “tipping” – an important form of backcombed color application. Tipping allows for seamless transitions in tone from root to end. Two variations will be taught to help you customize your seamless blonding from a whisper to a shout. This technique also incorporates foils.


Seamless Blonding Includes:

1 Video
1 Hour, 46 Minutes of Video
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Seamless Blonding

Use backcombing and precision foiling in this structured approach to creating a gorgeous freeform look. You will learn:

  • Tipping – a technique utilizing backcombing with control
  • How to incorporate foils into this freeform technique for a controlled result
  • A unique and customizable sectioning pattern
  • How to manage transitions in tone from root to end
  • and much more!


Lupe Voss

Lupe Voss’ enthusiasm and unparalleled technical abilities are responsible for her successful rise as one of the most sought-after hair color educators in the world today.

The owner of the successful Julian August Salon, Lupe is also a leading Aveda Advanced Academy educator. She is founder of Hair Color Magic, a traveling color academy specializing in workshops on creative placement and the art of formulation for customized color.

Lupe is renowned for her technical acumen and “real-life”, authentic teaching style. She has a passion for learning and a heartfelt desire to make education fun and effective.