Virgin Bleach and Tone

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Create an all-over blonde with back-to-back slicing

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Virgin Bleach and Tone Includes:

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7 Reviews

Virgin Bleach and Tone

The virgin bleach and tone technique is often overlooked due to its difficulty and time-consuming application—but master it and you’ve instantly leveled up as a craft hairdresser. In this course, led by color expert Kathryn Burkert (@kat.burk), you’ll learn back-to-back slicing and on-scalp bleach application techniques with an emphasis on maintaining scalp and hair integrity. With all-over bleaching services in high demand, this course will help you build your confidence to perform this highly technical and precise service.

You will learn:

  • Full bleach application on virgin hair
  • Back-to-back foiling
  • On-scalp bleach tips
  • Bleach control for hair integrity and scalp
  • Timing and maintenance
  • Toning application


Step 1: Bleach application

Formula 1: Wella Blondor + 10v mixing ratio 1:2

Formula 2: Wella Blondor + 20v mixing ratio 1:2

Step 2: Toner application

Formula: Wella Color Touch 40g 9/97+20g 9/96+10g 7/89+ 140g 1.9%


Kathryn Burkert

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Kathryn Burkert (@kat.burk) is an established color specialist with a passion for education and creativity. With more than 17 years of experience, Kathryn has held color director positions for companies such as Vidal Sassoon and Saco, as well as at hair care brands. Kathryn’s educational focus has allowed her to travel the globe teaching seminars, demonstrating on stage and participating in various hair shows. Beyond her educational work, Kathryn has built a loyal salon clientele and understands the importance of a strong foundation, discipline and hard work.

7 Reviews for Virgin Bleach and Tone

“She never said how long she let each section sit with the bleach. She didn’t show how she rinsed section by section. She didn’t show us how she tested the toner & if she had to rinse in sections.”


“Very informative and very thorough. Would reduce the timing a bit to keep classes under 30 min.”


“Thanks for your excellent training”


“Great education! I'm also a color educator and I enjoyed listening to how you explain the consultation, application, and, moreover, how you communicate final expectations to your guest. Never promise an exact look alike when shown a picture. And never use a swatch book to discuss a final end result. You're a clean, mean, lightning machine. Well done! The only thing I do differently is clarifying/purifying hair before I color it. If a client experiences an area that is itchy, I dab a little hair oil on the spot(s) and that solves the issue. I've done back-to-back foils several times and I can honestly attest, it's not for the faint of heart or for anyone who's on a time crunch. A lot of work! Charge accordingly and you'll attract the right candidate.”


“So informative! Really enjoyed this video and all the incidental info basically in every second sentence, thank you!”


“Great class! Very detailed! Now I feel more confident to try a bleach and tone. Thank you!”


“This was a very informative video. Very thorough lesson with great tips! Thanks, loved it!!”